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"Training under coach Bruce for close to 3 years, I can safely say that he is one of, if not, the best coach here in Singapore. All his lessons are very practical and fun. He is also willing to use his spare time to help you improve (sparring or helping you to hold pads). On top of all these, he truly cares for the safety of his students ensuring that we are training in a safe environment. Some people say that the only way to learn Muay Thai is from a Thai... As for me, I am more than satisfied learning under coach Bruce."

Adriel Yeo
Former Vice-President of Singapore Polytechnic, Muay Thai

"I was afraid of joining because I was scared I couldn't keep up with the class, but IMPACT's philosophy of having fun while training actually comforted me. Plus it is so accessible by MRT! I am a real amateur in this sport but the coaches are patient with me, and they never fail to correct me if I falter.

Despite the size of the class, the coaches always give personal attention to the students. IMPACT has really encouraged me to pursue this passion and the family-oriented environment is amazing. No matter what your background is, how much experience you `have, everyone is treated equally.

IMPACT is a great and safe place to explore that burning passion for MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai! I even recommend it to my students in school!"

Rajiv Jude, 26, Asst. Discipline Master

"A great place to train with experienced instructors who know exactly when to push you to exceed your limits."

Grace Chua, 34, Advocate & Solicitor

"Having trained in both Singapore and the UK, I can attest to the high level of instruction provided at Impact MMA. Prof Leke is an encyclopedia of Jiu-Jitsu and a coach suitable for grapplers of all levels. Bruce is one of the best local Muay Thai teachers you will be able to find and adds a personal touch to every training session. Whether you are a serious competitor, a martial arts enthusiast or an average joe looking to pick up fighting skills to boost your self-confidence, I believe Impact MMA is well-equipped to cater to you."

Noah, 21, Law-Undergrad

"Impact MMA is a really cool place to train! Whether you are like me, who wants to improve his jiu-jitsu skills, or whether you are into Muay Thai or even MMA, you'll find a lot of classes throughout the week, great atmosphere, genuinely friendly crowd and really professional and attentive instructors!"

Edward Khoze, 31, Software Developer

"I am a 44 year-old medical doctor who is looking to learn a SKILL and who enjoys a good work out. I joined Impact BJJ Class under Prof Alexandro "Leke" Machado at the recommendation of a friend. I find the people at Impact MMA friendly and welcoming, without any airs generally.

Due to work and other commitments, I could not make it to the evening classes. I had to opt for private class with Leke instead. I have no prior knowledge of BJJ at all when I started training with Leke, so it was with some trepidation when I started my first lesson with him. He is tough trainer, but fair and gentle, well, gentle as far as he could of course, this is a Martial Art and contact Sport after all!

The weeks went by very fast, and I gradually become fitter and stronger, AND most important of all, I was having FUN! I strongly encourage anyone who wants to learn BJJ... GO DO IT!

Impact MMA is a place where I am able to train SAFELY, learning skills from a World Class Trainer. I have NO REGRETS training here, and I am still continuing my training!"

Dr Goh Pui Kiat, 44, Doctor


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